Data Sheets

LaneLight Crosswalk - Info Booklet

Since 2000 LaneLight / ITEM Ltd. has been saving lives with our streetscape friendly LaneLight flashing crosswalks and grade crossing warning systems designed to catch the attention of distracted drivers.

Turn Lane Enhancement - Info Sheet

LaneLight LED Enhanced in-road warning light turn lane systems will delineate traffic and reduce incidents at your multi-left turn lanes and dangerous curves.  LaneLight... making our roads safer one lane at a time.

LaneLight Wrong Way - Info Sheet

LaneLight in-road wrong way warning systems. Flexible, programmable, and distracted driver focused.

Lanelight Lane Guidance - Info Sheet

LaneLight in-pavement LED markers are the ideal lighting solution for lane, curve, and ramp delineation. They are MUTCD compliant and FDOT approved.  Now available with AC addressable light-heads.

Stop Bar Enhancement - Info Sheet

LaneLight RED LED stop bar warning systems are designed to heighten the drivers awareness at grade level rail, light rail, and dedicated busway crossings and have been proven to reduce accidents at these types of intersections.


Provide increased mid-block crosswalk visibility with a LaneLight RRFB crosswalk system.  Because of their brightness and rapid alternating flash pattern RRFB's tend to be more effective than traditional round beacons.

Bike Safe Systems - DATA SHEET

Maximize visibility, efficiency, and safety along your dedicated bicycle lanes with LaneLight in-road warning light BikeSafe systems and accessories. Seamless traffic controller integration... Dramatically Enhanced VISIBILITY! 

LED Enhanced Signs - DATA SHEET

LED Enhanced signs increase effectiveness and visibility - day or night significantly improving driver response times. Provide increased safety at locations such as crosswalks, school zones, parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, and hospitals