In-road, flashing LED systems and accessories

LaneLights alert the driver without adding roadside clutter and are very effective in applications such as mid-block crosswalks, roundabouts, and school zones.


LaneLight In-Road LED

crosswalk LED warning lights

Ideal for mid-block crosswalks, roundabouts and school zones, multi-lane crossings or high speed areas. In-road warning lights, RRFBs and HAWK systems.

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Crosswalk Systems

LA metro with stop bar red LED lights

Ideal for grade rail crossings, wrong way alerts, bike lane intersections and any other situation where traffic stoppage or warning is needed.

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Wrong-Way & Stop Bar Systems

LaneLight in-road warning lights on ramp exit

Ideal for left turn lane delineation, curve delineation or counterflow/contraflow lane guidance systems.

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Lane Guidance Systems

Led enhanced sign

LED enhanced signs for superior road visibility.


LED Enhanced Signs

Green bike traffic light

Dedicated BikeSafe systems to prevent right hook and other bike related accidents.


Bike Lane Systems

Wavebutton™ Touchless Pedestrian Button front

Motion-activated buttons and bollards provide a touch-free system activation alternative.


Activation Systems

Emergency responder firetruck with traffic warning light

Round beacons such as emergency responder warning systems.



custom led road light arrow solution

We handle a wide range of custom applications fit to your exact specifications.


Custom LED Enhanced Systems

LaneLight Connect software screens

Our proprietary software affords users complete control of their systems, fully remotely.


Software and Controllers

pathway LED lighting

Accessories, add-ons and alternative products such as pathway lighting and solar powered raised pavement markers.



ice alert reflector sign

Industrial and military safety systems such as temperature sensors and airfield weather warnings.


Industrial and Military


Make sure to reach out if you have any questions regarding our product offering. Our experienced team is available to help you determine the perfect product for your needs.

5-Year Warranty

Our commitment to quality allows LaneLight warning systems to be backed by a full 5-year warranty (normal wear and tear included) and have a projected service life of up to 15 years, depending on operational conditions. Our 5-year warranty includes installations in snowfall regions where LaneLight in-road systems are installed just below grade so they never come into contact with snow-plow blades.

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