Bike Lane Systems

BikeSafe System

Maximize visibility, efficiency, and safety along your dedicated/protected bicycle lanes with a LaneLight in-road BikeSafe system which seamlessly integrates with your existing intersection controller. Dramatically enhance bike lane visibility to vehicle traffic at controlled intersections to help prevent right hook incidents. Smart activation only illuminates the bike lanes when a bicycle is present to maximize the long term effectiveness of the system.  Bike lane stop bar systems are also available which reinforce the overhead signals to the cyclists who tend to be looking in a downward direction when they ride. Solar or AC  power configurations, dual colour light option, full daytime LED visibility, bike safe low profile.


  • Dedicated bike lane delineation
  • Right turns that intersect with bike lanes
  • Busy intersections with bike lanes
bike lane in road led lights

Sideswipe and right hook accident avoidance

Sideswipe accidents are a common issue with bike lane traffic. When a vehicle is traveling the same way as a bicycle and the two make contact at their sides, this is a sideswipe accident. Wide vehicles, reckless driving and most importantly, distracted driving, are usually the causes of these sort of accidents. In-road bike lane lights delineate bike lanes from vehicle lanes, producing driver-focused light that alerts drivers to not cross over the lane.

This delineation can be especially useful when drivers are turning right at an intersection, requiring the driver to cross over a bike lane. Often times, the driver either does not see the cyclist or thinks they have the right-of-way, which can cause devastating injuries to the cyclist in the case of an accident.

Bike Lane Systems Integration

Our bike lane products work seamlessly with your existing traffic systems. Cyclists are often not seen until the last minute, so installing a remote-activated system can save valuable seconds of reaction time. In Eindhoven, Netherlands, our in-road warning lights were connected to a camera-activated system, turning on the in-road lights as cyclists approach a particularly troublesome intersection.

5-Year Warranty

Our commitment to quality allows LaneLight warning systems to be backed by a full 5-year warranty (normal wear and tear included) and have a projected service life of up to 15 years, depending on operational conditions. Our 5-year warranty includes installations in snowfall regions where LaneLight in-road systems are installed just below grade so they never come into contact with snow-plow blades.

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