LED Enhanced Signs

High visibility LED enhanced signs are designed to connect to a LaneLight flashing crosswalk system or can be used as stand-alone equipment in a variety of warning applications. Day or night LED enhanced signs have been shown to significantly improve driver response times in locations such as crosswalks, school zones, parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, and hospitals.

Diamond-grade reflective sheeting maximizes reflective brightness providing visibility up to 200 yards away. Solar powered models are equipped with panels that are sized based on your location to ensure reliable operation in the winter months when you need your warning systems the most.


  • Crosswalk signs
  • Wrong-way signs
  • Bike lane turn signs
  • Hospitals, shopping malls, parking garages
LED enhanced sign used at crosswalk

5-Year Warranty

Our commitment to quality allows LaneLight warning systems to be backed by a full 5-year warranty (normal wear and tear included) and have a projected service life of up to 15 years, depending on operational conditions. Our 5-year warranty includes installations in snowfall regions where LaneLight in-road systems are installed just below grade so they never come into contact with snow-plow blades.

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