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In-road crosswalk LED lights

Crosswalk Safety Systems

LED enhanced pedestrian safety systems for crosswalks, including in-road warning lights, RRFBs and HAWK systems. Flashing crosswalk lights are excellent for multi-lane crosswalk applications or high speed areas.

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Our cutting-edge proprietary software seamlessly integrates LaneLight technologies with the web, providing you with comprehensive control over your systems from any location.

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School Zone Flashing Beacon

School Zone Flashing Beacon

School Zone Beacons are vital safety devices, flashing to warn drivers of reduced speed limits during school hours. They safeguard children by promoting awareness and adherence to traffic regulations near educational facilities.

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Bike lane traffic safety system with green bike lights on pole

Bike Lane Systems

Our BikeSafe systems integrate in-road LED lights, traffic signals and LED enhanced signs into dedicated bike lanes for optimal safety. Excellent for high traffic, urban areas.

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Crosswalk with LED enhanced sign and in-road LED lights

LED Enhanced Signs

Day/night LED lights increase visibility of signage. Great for school zones, multi-lane crosswalks, bike lanes, wrong-way signs or emergency signage.

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Wrong way warning in-road LED warning lights and LED enhanced signs

Wrong-Way & Stop Bar Systems

Systems to discourage wrong-way driving, such as red, in-road LED lights, LED enhanced signs and grade rail systems. Perfect for ramps, highways or parking lots.

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In-road LED lights for turn lanes

Lane Guidance Systems

Lane guidance for tunnels, left-hand turn lanes, counterflow/contraflow management and lane delineation. Also suited for dynamic lane changes on tunnels and bridges or slowing traffic on exit ramps.

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Pedestrian Crosswalk Safety

We specialize in MUTCD compliant LaneLight warning systems that are designed to target the tunnel vision of distracted drivers. They alert the driver without adding any additional roadside clutter and are very effective in applications such as stop bars, mid-block crosswalks, roundabouts, heritage areas, school zones, etc. that already have plenty of roadside distractions.

A Safer Way Home

For over 18 years, we have been saving lives with our traffic warning systems. Our systems are designed with the latest and greenest in battery technology, LEDs and solar components. All of our systems ship with our industry-leading 5-year warranty. Get in touch for more information on how you can dramatically increase the visibility of your crosswalks, bike lanes, turn lanes, wrong way systems, and lane lines on HOV lanes, curves, bridges, and in tunnels.

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