Industrial and Military

IceAlert® – Temperature Sensitive Reflectors

IceAlert® temperature sensitive reflectors report the temperature by changing color from white (above 36F), graduating to blue at freezing. IceAlert® alerts employees, customers and visitors of possible icy conditions and hazardous walking conditions.

Protect yourself, visitors, customers and employees from ice-related slip & fall accidents and injuries by installing an IceAlert® System at your exit doors, on your walkways and in your parking areas.

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HeatAlert™ – Temperature Sensitive Beacons

HeatAlert™ systems reduce the risk of heat related illnesses through advanced sensors which monitor both heat and humidity. Employers, employees and visitors are notified via flashing amber (moderate risk) or red (high risk) LED lights, with the additional option for text message alerts.

HeatAlert™ is best suited for areas of work or play that are susceptible to extreme heat conditions, such as warehouses, indoor manufacturing, power stations, outdoor job sites, military bases, sporting venues or construction sites.

Keeping your workers safe

It’s important to let your employees know that you are taking their safety seriously. Workers are quitting their jobs at record rates – of all the people who left their jobs in June 2021, over 69% of them left their jobs voluntarily. Losing a skilled employee can be devastating to the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Installing a HeatAlert™ system not only keeps your employees happy by showing that you take concern in their wellbeing and comfort on the job, but it also complies with OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards. This compliance can lower your liability and risk if a heat related accident was to occur.

Airfield Severe Weather Alarm System

Our airfield weather warning systems allow for quick and easy control over LED warning lights. Red, yellow and blue lights flash in an alternating pattern, ensuring maximum visibility.

The solar-powered control box wirelessly connects to a controller box to allow for simple and modular installation.

Airfield Severe Weather Alarm System

5-Year Warranty

Our commitment to quality allows LaneLight warning systems to be backed by a full 5-year warranty (normal wear and tear included) and have a projected service life of up to 15 years, depending on operational conditions. Our 5-year warranty includes installations in snowfall regions where LaneLight in-road systems are installed just below grade so they never come into contact with snow-plow blades.

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