Lane Guidance Systems

Curve Delineation

LaneLight markers produce a bright, daytime-visible light focused directly in the driver’s line of sight, clearly indicating the curve, variable lane, or lane edge. This requires no interpretation by the driver and the increased visibility results in enhanced safety far more effective than warning beacons or roadside signage. Intelligent features such as addressable chips and special logic controllers provide functions such as fog or tunnel traffic pacing, HOV lane traffic allocation, and other custom designed delineation solutions. A variety of activation devices are available to suit the unique requirements of your application.


  • Curve delineation and warning
  • Ramp lighting
  • Divergent diamond interchanges (DDI)
lane guidance in road led lights

Lane Guidance: Diverging Diamond Interchanges

A diverging diamond interchange (DDI) allows two directions of traffic to temporarily cross to the left hand side of the road. This allows a high volume of traffic to access an interstate without having to cross opposing traffic. While this system is highly effective, it can be confusing to drivers as temporarily crossing to the left hand side of the road can feel unusual. In El Paso, Texas, a divergent diamond interchange was equipped with LaneLight in-road LED lane guidance lights at the positions where drivers are required to make this movement to the opposite side of the road.

white in road warning lights on turn lane

Turn Lane

LaneLight LED enhanced left turn lane delineation systems respond to a left turn call from your signal control cabinet.  The In-Road Warning Lights (IRWL) dramatically enhance the left turn lane lines to improve safety and reduce the number of accidents caused  by vehicles cutting or drifting into adjacent lanes.

Our new AC addressable chip technology now enables a variety of custom chasing and flashing patterns to further enhance visibility and safety.


  • Left turn lanes
  • Multiple turn lanes
  • Large intersections

The importance of turn lane lighting

Left turn lanes, especially in the case of a double left turn lane, can be confusing and sometimes intimidating for drivers to stay within the space of their lane. Sideswipe accidents occur when a driver drifts out of the parameters of their lane, making contact with the side of an adjacent vehicle. Our in-road warning lights produce driver-focused light that delineates one turn lane from the next. This clear, highly visible delineation reduces the anxiety and uncertainty of drivers, therefore reducing the number of accidents.

In-road warning lights are especially effective when used at an unusually large intersection that features multiple left turn lanes, where it can be confusing for drivers to understand where their lane ends and another begins.

Dual Left Turn Lanes

LaneLight LED Enhanced In-Road warning systems have been saving lives for more than a decade. Get in touch today for more information on our dynamic left turn lane delineation systems, our simple installation, and our standard 5 Year Warranty.


Counterflow/contraflow lane systems allow for dynamic changing of lanes to accommodate for more efficient traffic flow. Lane lighting can be timed to mitigate traffic pile up at certain hours, such as rush hour or other peak traffic times.

Additionally, counterflow/contraflow in-road lighting is well suited to areas that require regular maintenance. In the example below (see video and image), the Tuscarora Mountain Tunnel needed an automated system to reduce worker exposure to the high-speed corridor by shifting traffic lanes during maintenance periods.


  • Dynamic lane control
  • Tunnel counterflow/contraflow
  • Bridge counterflow/contraflow
tuscarora tunnel red counterflow lane in-road led warning lights

Counterflow: In-Road Tuscarora Tunnel Lights

The Tuscarora Mountain Tunnel in Pennsylvania consists of twin two-lane highway tunnels. A rehabilitation project called for in-road warning lights in a red, arrow configuration to dynamically turn lights on or off depending on tunnel maintenance closures.

5-Year Warranty

Our commitment to quality allows LaneLight warning systems to be backed by a full 5-year warranty (normal wear and tear included) and have a projected service life of up to 15 years, depending on operational conditions. Our 5-year warranty includes installations in snowfall regions where LaneLight in-road systems are installed just below grade so they never come into contact with snow-plow blades.

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