Stop Bar Enhancement Systems

A LaneLight Stop Bar system creates a barrier of bright red lights directly in the driver's line of sight clearly indicating an active crossing. Because distracted drivers experience tunnel vision, LaneLight stop bar systems have shown themselves to be more effective than roadside warning devices that do not appear directly in front of the driver.
LaneLight stop bar warning system are designed to heighten the drivers awareness at grade level rail, light rail, and dedicated busway crossings and have been proven to reduce accidents at these types of intersections.


  • LED Enhanced barrier of bright flashing lights directly in the drivers line of sight
  • Daytime visibility up to 3000 feet
  • Distracted driver focused
  • MUTCD Compliant
  • Hardwired / Battery free design to stand the test of time
  • Low profile to mitigate trip hazards that can come with higher profile (1/2" +) systems
  • Near zero maintenance
  • Snowplow safe flush installation option
  • Bicycle safe low profile


  • Industry leading ultra bright > 3.5 million candela / m² output
  • 3000 foot daytime visibility (graduated dimming at night)
  • Cast stainless steel construction (no plastic based components exposed to traffic)
  • Boron Glass Lenses
  • DC or AC addressable heads (2.5W nominal)
  • Profile - 13/64 in. (5mm); 1/8 in. (3mm);  (flush mount option in snow plow regions)
  • Operating temperature: -20C to 50C