Bike Lane Systems

Maximize visibility, efficiency, and safety along your dedicated / protected bicycle lanes with a LaneLight in-road BikeSafe system which seamlessly integrates with your existing intersection controller.  Dramatically enhance bike lane visibility to vehicle traffic at controlled intersections to help prevent right hook incidents.  Smart activation only illuminates the bike lanes when a bicycle is present to maximize the long term effectiveness of the system.  Bike lane stop bar systems are also available which reinforce the overhead signals to the cyclists who tend to be looking in a downward direction when they ride.

Bicycle Activated            Signal Dependent

RED in-road warning lights activate in sync with the overhead traffic lights reinforcing the red light phase (and optional amber light phase) to approaching cyclists.  

GREEN in-road lights "flow" in timing with with your existing vehicle green wave to let cyclists know the pace they need to match to catch the next green light. 




  • Full daytime LED visibility
  • Solar or AC power configurations
  • Seamlessly integrated into existing traffic light control systems
  • Dual color light option to enhance red and amber signal phases
  • Easily combined with "watch for cyclists" LED enhanced signage
  • Industry leading 5 Year Warranty


  • Bike safe low profile (1/8" or flush) above the road surface
  • Daytime visible: 3000 foot (graduated dimming at night)
  • Operating temp: -20C to +50C
  • Color options: Red, Yellow, Green (Optional dual colored heads)