RRFB Flashing Crosswalk Systems


Ideal for Pedestrian and School Zone crosswalks, LaneLight RRFB flashing crosswalk systems feature large 7" x 3" LED arrays that meet or exceed FHWA / MUTCD requirements for uncontrolled mid block crosswalk warning systems. RRFB studies show much higher rates of motorist compliance (up to 99 percent) in comparison to round beacon systems or non illuminated painted crosswalk lines.  When activated, the SAE J595 certified LED arrays flash an FHWA approved alternating 'wig-wag' pattern.  Side-mounted LED arrays flash simultaneously to advise pedestrians that the RRFB's have been activated and are visible to drivers approaching the crosswalk.  RRFB light bars can be easily combined with our state of the art LaneLight in-road systems to produce a dramatically enhanced "SuperCrosswalk" system.

Simple Installation          5 Year Warranty          MUTCD Compliant


  • MUTDC Compliant for use in MIDBLOCK crosswalks
  • Large 7" x 3" LED flashing crosswalk lights for maximum visibility
  • Significantly higher driver awareness and compliance vs round beacons
  • Daytime and Nighttime visibility
  • Pushbutton Activated (scheduling option available)
  • Solar or AC powered configurations
  • Multiple units are wirelessly synchronized to flash in unison
  • Single or dual facing configurations available
  • NEMA rated control cabinets for easy access to system controller and batteries
  • 5 Year Warranty


  • Adjustable crossing time in 1 second increments (5 to 99 seconds)
  • LED intensity: Meets SAE J595 class 1
  • LED chromaticity: Meets SAE J578
  • LED Color: Amber (red available for wrong way systems, firehall systems, etc)
  • LED Night Dim: Available option
  • Lens color: Clear lens and clear LED when not illuminated
  • Lens cover: Polycarbonate - UV Resistant
  • Pedestrian notification LED array: Standard
  • Lightbar finish: Powder Coated Black (custom colors available)
  • Operating Temp: -40C to 80C (battery temp range may vary depending on config)
  • Power: AC / Solar / or Battery only for custom applications
  • Universal Mounting - bolt or band onto any sized pole (4" OD or larger recommended)