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Cloud-based System Maintenance & Control

LaneLight CONNECT, our cutting-edge proprietary software seamlessly integrates LaneLight technologies or other solar or low voltage devices with the web, providing you with comprehensive control over your systems from any location.

Whether you need to adjust lighting schedules, review device information, manage settings, or analyze logs and graphs, LaneLight CONNECT empowers you to accomplish all of these tasks with just a simple click.

Ready to elevate your system management to new heights?

With LaneLight Connect, effortlessly command your LaneLight technologies via our cloud-based software, enabling remote system management with a click.

Experience hassle-free setup without the need for phone app installations, ensuring a seamless integration process. Moreover, LaneLight Connect provides all-inclusive functionality, granting you access to every cloud feature free for three years.

From activation precision to timely alerts about system health, LaneLight Connect empowers you with valuable insights for data-driven decision-making, ensuring optimal safety conditions and providing remote management capabilities with encrypted security.

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