Passive Activation Bollard Systems

Take advantage of a passive activation system to capture nearly 100% of the pedestrians and cyclists who pass between the bollards.  Available in a variety of colours LaneLight IR bollards can be placed up to 70 feet apart and are engineered for many years of trouble free service.  Excellent at busy crosswalks near schools, hospitals, and airports or at crosswalks having compliance issues with traditional pushbuttons.
Passive Activation
Maximize pedestrian capture rates. Minimize false calls. Maximize crosswalk safety.
High Volume Crossings
Ideal for wider, high volume crossings at schools, universities, airports, and hospitals where a pushbutton is less likely to be used.


  • Ideal for busy crosswalks at schools, airport, hospitals, and trail crossings
  • Near 100% capture rates
  • Easy installation and configuration with LaneLight LED enhanced crosswalk systems
  • Round and Square profile options
  • optional decorative path illumination


  • Up to 70 foot spacing between capture pairs
  • Dual IR beam to capture direction of travel
  • Contact closure output compatability with 3rd party systems
  • Powder coated finish (White, Black, Forest Green, Bronze, Grey, or custom)
  • Designed and manufactured in North America
  • 5 Year Warranty