BlueMAC - Bluetooth Data Collection

BlueMAC equipment provides accurate travel time and origin-destination data for vehicles and pedestrian applications that can be used in environments that include high-speed roadways, arterial roadways, and pedestrian pathways. The product line includes portable, stand-alone battery and solar operated units suitable for short-term traffic studies, as well as permanently mounted units for continuous real-time data reporting. 


  • Long-term and short-term study capabilities
  • Limited investment, easy setup
  • Web-based configuration of study with easy Dashboard-based interface. Visual map reference for all operating boxes
  • Wireless communication capabilities for command, control and data collection services
  • Each BlueMAC unit contains GPS and synchronizes with a common time reference for easy comparison of time and location
  • Variety of power options: up to 20-day battery powered, solar / battery powered, or hard wired
  • Collect speed data on road sections where traditional sensors are impractical
  • Full suite of reports
  • BlueMAC reports conditions to the traffic operations center without expensive communications infrastructure