Photobollards for pedestrian crosswalk warning systems activation

Crosswalk warning systems are only effective if they are activated properly. Automated activation devices allow for improved crosswalk activation compliance, leading to overall safer crossings.

Car waiting to move through diverging diamond interchange that is lined with in-road warning lights

Diverging diamond interchanges are an excellent traffic innovation that improve safety while maximizing traffic flow efficiency. In-road warning lights, used to line the lanes within a DDI, minimize driver confusion when moving through the unique sections of a DDI.

Bike lane with bus in background

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 caused a cultural shift in the way city residents travel from place to place. Cycling saw a massive increase in popularity. How can we improve our bike lanes to keep cyclists as safe as possible?

woman crossing crosswalk with in-road LED lights

Our comprehensive crosswalk selection guide helps you narrow down the best products for your specific requirements. The guide covers factors such as the number of lanes, speed of traffic, average daily traffic and more into an easy-to-understand flowchart and table.

Crosswalk push button

With COVID-19 having forever changed the way we interact with public objects, traditional crosswalk activation systems fail to integrate into a hygiene-focused culture. Touchless crosswalk activation systems aim to remedy this problem.

one way street sign

Wrong-way traffic accidents are on the rise. Distracted driving, intoxication and confusion can be countered with effective LED warning systems such as in-road LEDs, rectangular rapid flashing beacons and LED enhanced signs.

LED crosswalk with LED illuminated sign

Why add an LED system to your crosswalk? In this article, we break down the top five reasons to consider upgrading your system with an in-road warning light system.